Lucky Patcher iOS

Lucky Patcher iOS

Lucky Patcher iOS app enables you to adjust the things ahead. App permissions, block ads and make backups on iPhones or any iOS device for free. Lucky Patcher iOS is one of the famous third-party apps which have millions of users. It runs easily on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch or other iOS devices.

Lucky Patcher iOS Reputation

It is one general application for the mobile junkie that needs full access to the mobile and the application in the devices. With Lucky Patcher, you will be capable of accessing all the internal files and other elements of the pro application. here are some of its stats with which you will know the basic info of the app. If you Categorize the app it is Application Containing Tools

How to Download Lucky Patcher iOS

Here are the steps to download the application for your whatever iOS Device.

  • Download iOS File from the link below.
  • Mark the application as a trusted app from the setting of your device.
  • Move from “Settings” to “Apps” step ahead to go to “Lucky Patcher” and mark it as “Trust this app”.
  • Open the application and make yourself home.
  • What Lucky Patcher app need is a minimum of iOS 8 to run. It is recommended that iOS 11 should be used.

How to Use Lucky Patcher

Once you have learned to install the Lucky Patcher iOS and you have seen that how you can get the benefit of the app, what is next? You can do the following in order to learn how to use lucky patcher. It is a very easy app to use and you can use it even if you are using it for the first time.

Disable Ads Activities

You can disable apps ads movement manually and also can allow some of the activities if any apps in order to stimulate the working of the app. It Assists patch for in-app and LVL emulation, in-app emulation is Ad supported. It can switch on the toggle menu.

Disable Elements by ‘pm disable’ method, this choice enables you to eliminate any chosen permission, services and many more. This process is not harmful, so, if any service stops working due to this permission removing just permit it again, it will start working again shortly.

Lucky patcher ios download
Lucky patcher ios download

To Change App Permissions

Select the app and always Choose “Change Permissions” option in the app.

  • In order to disable Select the permission (Colored Red)
  • To allow Select the permission (Colored Green)
  • After choosing any of the above, you once need to reboot (Reboot)


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